Business Support for

Digital Creators


We Believe in Content Creators

Digital content is an incredible form of entertainment. Its impact on our culture in the past few years is astounding, to say the least. We believe its rise has not simply been because of the engaging content alone, but the incredible efforts creators go to cultivate and develop community alongside their content. Steadfast believes in content creators and the communities they build.

What we provide


Many creators are at capacity with maintaining their YouTube, Instagram, or Twitch presence. The demand of creating regular content often doesn't allow them to think beyond the next video, post, or live stream. Steadfast has in-house production teams whose main objective is to seamlessly to take over day-to-day production work on current programs, relieving the workload of the creator. Alleviating this workload allows the creator to think big picture and act on opportunities as they arise without worrying about an upcoming release. 

Partnership Opportunities / SALES

We stay loyal to the creative vision of our clients that led to their success. This means vetting potential partnerships and opportunities to ensure that they add to the consumer experience, monetizing the audience in a way that will allow the brand and creator to accomplish their long-term goals.


As we look to help you continue channel growth, we work closely with creators to develop the plan for the future. Our team has extensive experience across a variety of growth stages. Using this experience, combined with extensive analysis of stream analytics and other data, we can help you navigate the ever changing landscape of gaming content.


As we build content channels into broader businesses, we also provide the back office that can oversee administrative needs that come up along the way. This includes accounting, tax, legal, and other business advice. We can also assist with travel arrangements, event badge acquisition, and more related to conferences.


Different outlets have different rules, and the transition to new platforms and different media can be difficult for creators. We have staff with the expertise and relationships in other media who can find the right opportunities for your brand.


Design and development are a vital piece of building digital brands. Whether it's creating a new digital product, an owned and operated website, or a mobile app, we have the resources to make that happen.

Our Goals and Values

We strive to create career and financial opportunity for content creators through building mutually-beneficial management partnerships.


Growing creators need a team they can trust in order to take their career to the next level. We pride ourselves in being forthright, honest, and reliable in all our discussions, dealings and commitments while serving you.


We have years of business experience in the gaming market. Our approach will always put your brand and content creation in the best light of what it truly is: a growing business. You can focus on your content and our team will leverage our skills for your growth.


Our team will fight for you in all aspects of your career. Whether that be in deals with brands, in discussions with potential partners, collecting payments, or even for your health, we are dedicated to seeing you succeed.


We believe that joy is an essential component of being a successful gaming content creator. And it’s not just that games are fun. Circumstances can rob us of our happiness, yet if we come alongside one another and encourage each other, we can remember the abiding goodness we find in our life despite our temporary challenges.

Focus on what’s most important: content and community.