Why I started Steadfast Media

I've heard story after story of founders engaging with outside development groups and receiving poorly engineered software, which they then have to significantly overhaul as their businesses grow.

Founders are often left with a poor technology foundation because the software is buggy or was built via proprietary, inscrutable techniques.

This makes it nearly impossible to iterate quickly as they navigate the product-market fit journey, or pass off to an internal development team.

Worst of all, many founders don't know they've been handed a subpar product until weeks or months after they received the final product.

It is unacceptable that this has become the status quo in the market.

In true entrepreneurial fashion, I wanted to create a consulting firm that was on a mission to disrupt this reality.

Through fully embracing the lean startup approach throughout the full engagement, we could provide clients with a software development experience imbued with the battle hardened experiences that only come from founding and leading a small business or startup.

Accomplishing this mission meant we would need to infuse our own DNA with experienced entrepreneurial minds.

We've had the opportunity to bring some excellent talent in house, as well as partner with strong freelance developers and software development firms that share our vision for high-quality engineering and client services for business founders. It has been so fun and rewarding to build this business alongside such like-minded people!

Great software is not great because it's cleverly developed or follows todays software trends. Software is great when it empowers founders to confidently sell to new clients, rapidly iterate to increase product market fit, and be able to rely on their software as a trusted asset.

-Michael Anderson, Founder & CEO, Steadfast Media

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